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Once you choose hope, anything is possible

Christopher Reeve

Hello everyone. How are you guys?

I know things have been kind of crazy recently. We all know the importance of self-isolation in a time like this to help us get through it all. I know that as long as each one of us do what we can and need to do, we are all going to be able to heal and get through this. So I am sending all my love to every single one of you and your families. Please be safe and stay inside. Take care of yourselves guys.

Also, to share a bit of the fun I’ve been up to, I have put together this little list of shows and movies I have been watching (manly during these past few weeks) to share with you guys. I have been reading too, although much less than what I was hoping for, but I’m confident I’ll be able to build up a better rhythm and then share my March wrap-up with you guys.

But without further ado let’s get into this list of Netflix recommendations. Hope you guys enjoy it!

  • Brooklyn Nine-Nine (Season 6)

Brilliant but immature Brooklyn detective Jake Peralta must learn to follow the rules and be a team player when his squad gets an exciting new captain.

5/5 stars

I absolutely LOVE Brooklyn Nine-Nine. I only discovered it last year and, like I do with any new obsession of mine, I binged it. Couldn’t stop watching it, and I’m pretty sure couch-potato-me watched the whole thing in 2 weeks max…yeah. Freaking hilarious, can’t recommend it enough.

  • The Flash (Season 4-6)

The series follows Barry Allen a crime scene investigator who gains super-human speed, which he uses to fight criminals, including others who have also gained superhuman abilities.

4/5 stars

I started watching The Flash when it first aired. I love anything superheroes so when I heard about this one coming out I obviously watched it all. I followed up with the episodes up until the finale of season 3, and that’s when I kind of stopped watching it. I remember back then I was watching a bunch of shows at the same time and this one kind of slipped by me. But then this last month I went back to it and loved it. It is such a great show and I absolutely love Barry and his entire team. I am glad I picked it back up.

  • Young Justice (Season 1-2)

This animated series follows Robin, Aqualad and other teenage superhero sidekicks as they form a secret crime-fighting squad to save the world.

5/5 stars

This was actually a re-watch. That’s how much I loved it. Young Justice has won its place in my heart. This was the first animated superhero series I have ever watched and it had me hooked from the very beginning. The relationships and the amount of heroes that show up in every single episode is amazingly overwhelming. Truly like reading the comics.

  • Next in Fashion (Season 1)

Talented designers from around the world compete for $250,000 and the chance to become the next big thing in fashion.

5/5 stars

I’ll admit that I started watching this one for quick entertainment. Something just to pass the time and distract myself. But this is amazing! Truly. I kind of binged it and absolutely loved the backstage look on how things happen in the fashion industry and there are so many talented people in it (and I am truly happy with who won it).

  • Locke & Key (Season 1)

After their dad’s murder, three siblings move with their mom to his ancestral estate, where they discover magical keys that unlock powers – and secrets.

5/5 stars

Locke & Key has been on my radar since before it was premiered, when Netflix released teasers and such. It is exactly the type of story I love: filled with mysteries that came from other mysteries, being solved by a family. I loved this. Totally binge-able.

  • Peaky Blinders (Season 1-5)

A notorious gang in 1919 Birmingham, England, is led by the fierce Tommy Shelby, a crime boss set on moving up in the world no matter the cost.

5/5 stars

This is bloody brilliant! Tommy Shelby is bloody brilliant. The whole Shelby clan is bloody brilliant. Peaky Blinders has been on my list for too damn long. And thank god I finally started watching it. In fact I’m just about to finish it. This series is impressive with all its twists and fantastically built characters. Tommy gave me such Kaz Brekker vibes – for real. Now go watch this aight mate? By order of the Peaky Blinders.

  • The Stranger (Season 1)

When a stranger makes a shockingly claim about his wife, family man Adam Price becomes entangled in a mystery as he desperately searches for answers.

4/5 stars

Another mystery filled show. Another binge. This was great. From the very first few minutes we already get presented to the stranger who just comes up to people, reveals a big ass secret concerning their lives and then walks away. Just like that. The episodes gives us enough new mysteries to keep us hooked, and things that didn’t seem to be connected all of a sudden start dropping into place. By the last episode there is another big twist to the story and a crazy ending.

  • Fractured

In a hospital where nothing is what it seems, he’s sure of one thing — he will find his family. No matter what.

4/5 stars

This one was a trip. A crazy trip. Unlike anything I could have imagined. The whole time I thought the story was going in one direction only for it to take a huge turn going exactly the opposite way. Watch this and beware: the synopsis really tells you nothing about this movie.

  • Taking Lives

FBI profiler Illeana Scott is recruited to assist the police in their desperate search for a serial killer who assumes the identities of his victims.

3/5 stars

This is an old but still good one. I love movies and shows that talk about serial killers and what’s going on in their minds. Which is why watching a movie that talks about a serial killer who changes his identity to match that of his victims was spot on for me.

  • Shutter Island

He’s crazy to take the case. It’s insane to believe he can solve it. In reality, the madness is just beginning.

5/5 stars

Another mind-blowing masterpiece. Another one that got me completely fooled. I believed one thing was going on when in reality the story took one hell of a turn. Please watch this if you haven’t already.

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