Waking Spero by I.Q. Malcolm

I wondered if her younger self had ever imagined she’d one day wake up among those stars.

Waking spero by i.q. malcolm

Crashed without a clue. Stranded on a strange world. Caught in the fight of their lives. Aspiring teenaged artist Unai thought he was free from facing struggle like his father. But he’d rather be back in his family butcher shop when he wakes in a downed escape pod with a feral girl and cute-looking kid cadet on a faraway planet. And with carnage on the horizon and a gap in his memories, he’ll need more than his artistic instincts to stay alive. 2045 is the last year that Space Force Academy recruit Clover can remember. And though she’s desperate to honor her father’s military legacy by surviving the massive impact, she fears her two charges are casualties waiting to happen. So she goes with the only viable option: Take the lead to guarantee all three make it through the alien jungle’s deadly night… Battling conflicting personalities and dodging close encounters with native creatures, Unai struggles to keep it together in the hostile environment. And Clover finds herself stretched to the limit keeping everybody alive when their search for answers unleashes an avalanche of peril. Can they survive the savage lands before the extraterrestrial wildlife tears them apart?

3/5 stars

I received an ARC of this book from the author IQ Malcom in exchange for a honest review.

I honestly picked this book up at the exact right time. The month of May was a bit of a mess in reading terms for me because I was reading 4 books at the same time and constantly felt like I wasn’t making any progress in any of them 🥴 So when it came the time to pick my next read I am so glad it ended up being this book. 

Waking Spero is a YA sci-fi in which we follow three teens who have just woken up on a strange planet without any memories of how or why they ended up there. From there we follow their adventures on this unknown alien planet as they do their best to survive. 

This book is incredibly fast-paced and it’s just what I needed. From the very beginning we are thrown into this alien planet along with the characters and get sucked into all the action that entails. Things get that much more gripping and exciting because of the memory gap that the characters are dealing with, all the while having to come up with a plan to survive in this unknown environment without a single clue as to why they are here in the first place.

Malcolm really manages to keep us on our toes just waiting for what will happen next and what new discoveries the characters will face. Getting to tag along as the characters investigate the remnants of alien life around them is fantastic. I am a sucker for alien planets, huge beasts and secret temples and in this book we get a little bit of all that. The descriptions of the planet are absolutely immersive, and the vibrancy of it all just makes the whole reading experience that much more fun.

The characters are absolutely amazing and so lovable. Their banters and jokes and the fact that these are literally teenagers just roaming through unknown territory is incredibly entertaining. I was also really nice to get to see Clover stepping up to a role of fierce leader and how smart and quick she is. Unai is an absolute cupcake and I will forever protect him. Alena is absolutely fantastic and a character that could not be set aside.

I have to point out that the relationship between the two main characters felt a little bit rushed for me. I understand that because of their memory loss we don’t get to see too many memories and understand them a little bit better but I still wanted a little more from them especially because of how loveable they are.

The ending definitely leaves you wanting more, specially because of all the new discoveries made right towards the end. For me the book ended in a great note and made me really excited for what comes next. Overall this is a great book for fans of space adventure novels and pop culture references (there are quite a lot of these 😍), I had a really good time reading it.

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