Hey there!

My name is Julia.

I have always loved reading, but only really got addicted to it recently. I discovered booktube at the beginning of last year and ever since I’ve been mulling over starting my own blog to share my thoughts and feelings concerning this ever growing love of mine for books.

I decided to start sharing my reviews on Instagram but soon found it to be restrictive since sometimes I couldn’t really write as much as I wanted about a book that I was absolutely addicted to. That’s how this blog came to life.

I’m honestly interested in so many genres, like science fiction/fantasy, young adult, romance, thrillers, and horror. I’m also always looking to expand my tastes and trying as many new things as possible, let it be with books or life.

In here I’m going to share my very own reviews, but also talk about my thoughts and feelings concerning the stories I read and how they have taught me valuable lessons for life. I want to share my full, undisclosed experience while reading.

Oh! You may see affiliate links for books I review. You’re more than welcome to use them for buying books, but please don’t feel obligated to do so.

I’m so happy that you have decided to tag along with me for this journey. I truly hope you have an amazing time around here and please let me know your thoughts too, rather it be about a book you really want to talk about, or life in general!

Reach out to me on comments or at wanderthelines@gmail.com